End of term 

This has been a complex time for me, with a couple of alternative beginnings.  Still inspiration has come, if at times a bit slowly .  So after those several moments of doubt I went back and started again. The Louise Bourgeois exhibition at Hauser and Wirth Somerset has been a tremendous source of inspiration  My … More End of term 

New term

I visited 2 areas during the weekend showing works for Somerset art weeks Frome where I saw Andrew Palmer’s Creation theme with starts remembering aboriginal star maps and Kristen COoke photographic memories Forsaken of empty houses see http://www.rooklanearts.org at Pilton on Sunday  at the Pilton Tithe barn magnificent textiles Cadace’s mosaics and totems photographs of … More New term

Drawing again

Arising from my body drawings I’ve taken if you like glances and excerpts from the larger work, framed them and used colour in my lines. I had been at a bit of an impasse so it’s a relief and a bit of fun!

Louise Bourgeois H & W exhibition

I have found this exhibition of Louise’s work really encouraging,and evocative, prints botanical and humanity, textiles and sculpture addressing the psychological, made in the later part of her life ie 80s and 90s! and working through her life and experiences as she always did. The wording alongside the printed image above’ I’m losing my mind, my feeling, the … More Louise Bourgeois H & W exhibition

Drawing on stone

2 weeks ago I spent a 2nd week on the isle of Portland in Tout quarry working withLearningStone transferring once again a life drawing onto stone. Working with others in the group creating their own various different work was stimulating and encouraging. The direction given by instructors Hannah Sofar and Paul was at a helpful level … More Drawing on stone