artists statement

Marks are of the utmost importance to me.  Marks   making with pencils, pastels and more recently long brushes. What is it about mark making that so fascinates me? As I look at my paintings and drawings of the human body, I see shapes, colours and lines all coming to make a representation of our inner and outer worlds. Marks are the imprint of part of that body, the human hand.

Artists that impact include historically American Alice Neel her portrayal of ordinariness and Jenny Saville’s engagement with ‘unsightly’ obese body image and drawn lines referencing levels of consciousness. Magi Hambling with her light touch.

Many if my ideas started in the life room, however as time has progressed my figurative images have changed and adapted and are now impressions of the internal experience of the body. I continue to explore physical and perceptual boundaries in diverse ways. Sometimes I now use a distorted image to reflect the internal experience. I have a particular  focus on issues concerned the ageing female body, the last taboo in days of airbrushing images.

Boundaries of all sorts are but a short distance away! I have looked at physical and sometimes ancient boundaries through the use of photographs and other images.

I have created work trying to reflect the hidden: under the surface of history, this also applies to the psychological. Women’s issues are important and relevant to me,both as a working woman and an artist.  The aging woman is concerned about skin – the interface. Different levels of consciousness about inner and outer worlds pervade pictures of ourselves and others.

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